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Situated directly in the centre of the UK’s top performing region for Foreign Direct Investment outside of London, Stirling delivers unrivalled global connectivity at a highly competitive cost. With direct access to international markets, it is a place for growth, through a culture of world class innovation in aquaculture, big data, financial technologies, sport, digital health, dairy and construction; inspired by our pioneering companies, progressive University and talented workforce.

Set in a unique historic environment at the heart of Scotland, Stirling offers an exceptional quality of life in Scotland's most affordable city. All of these factors make Stirling a highly attractive location for international investment into Scotland and the UK and our area offers a wide variety of investment and property development opportunities. If you are looking to invest in Scotland then contact the Invest in Stirling team to find out more about how we can support your business to establish, relocate or expand within the Stirling area.

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Spreckley joins Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce to capitalise on regional expertise in Scotland
A new way of buying food is coming to Stirling that offers a digital twist on the traditional farmers’ market, where locals can simply click and collect.

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