An attractive and competitive location...

Stirling offers an attractive and competitive location for companies operating in the bakery sector. Led by Campbell’s Shortbread the sector locally comprises of 10 companies who all benefit from a superb supply chain.

Access to the top quality raw materials that are produced in abundance locally and to the 38 local companies delivering logistics services makes operating in this sector in our area a time, waste and cost efficient affair.

Local businesses in this sector further benefit from Stirling’s world class tourism offering which draws a significant amount of visitors to the area every year and generates increased demand for bakery products locally.

Bakery and snack products have shown steady growth throughout the recession with higher demand for ready-to-eat meals driving the sale of sandwiches and bakery snacks such as rolls, teacakes and scones. Over the five years through 2014-15, bakery revenues are estimated to increase at a compound annual rate of 2.2% to reach £2.3 billion in the UK.

Businesses wishing to take advantage of this lucrative and growing market will find all they need to do so here in Stirling.

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