Stirling offers significant opportunity for restaurateurs

A strong local economy supported by year round tourism ensures that all the ingredients are in place for businesses to operate very profitably.

Market Opportunity

Stirling has a vibrant city centre which benefits from a local population who on average have 10% more disposable income than elsewhere in Scotland. In addition, Stirling has a large student population generated by Stirling University and Forth Valley College.
Food and beverage outlets generate a turnover of £100.6 million with GVA of £66.2 million.

Restaurants in the Stirling area enjoy access to one of the finest supply chains in Scotland. The area enjoys access to an abundance of raw materials provided by the strength of the agriculture in our area.
Farming businesses form the backbone of the food supply chain here and there are over 200 such enterprises located throughout the Stirling area.

This extremely strong agricultural base supplies a large volume of top quality produce into the local eateries. These establishments are estimated to spend at least £10million per annum on food and drink supplies and around half of this is spent locally. This demonstrates that restaurants in Stirling can access their produce locally achieving significant cost, time and waste efficiencies and allowing their operations to be more sustainable.

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