Stirling Volunteering Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Are you free to volunteer to help someone else?

Are you a community group that is already providing help in the community?


Stirling’s communities and residents have always been resilient and caring.  We need those strengths now more than ever. Your skills and experience are required, and so is your enthusiasm and compassion. Your contribution will make an enormous difference in helping someone else get through this crisis.


Register as a Stirling Volunteer

So many individuals, groups and businesses are keen to help those struggling with their circumstances at the moment.  To help co-ordinate this we are asking all potential volunteers and groups to tell us about their skills, experience and resources so that we can start matching you with the people who need the most help.  Please complete this online form to tell us about what you can offer.  

If you have already registered as a volunteer through Ready Scotland, then you should not register again with us.  We are working with the Ready Scotland team to share information and make sure that all local volunteers can be matched with local services that need additional help.


Register here

The information you provide on this survey may be shared with other organisation outside Stirling Council, this could include charitable organisation, local community groups and any other organisation involved in supporting efforts with Covid-19. Information about your Data Protection rights and how we use your data can be found on Stirling Council’s webpage. 

Volunteering as a business

A growing number of businesses are offering time and resources to help with community efforts to support the most vulnerable. Our business support teams are co-ordinating these generous offers of help, so if you are a business and keen to contribute to the voluntary effort, email Investinstirling@stirling.gov.uk and one of the team will call you back.

Connect with your community

Our communities are already standing by each other, but it’s important that efforts are co-ordinated to ensure everyone looks after their own health, and to make sure those most in need are reached.  If you want to contact a group in your own area, register with us and we’ll put you in contact with them. 

If you are a Stirling resident looking for support or if you need assistance, please call 01786 404040 or email communitysupport@stirling.gov.uk  

Share your stories

We’d like to recognise the inspirational stories of all the things that you’re doing to help each other in response to the Coronavirus. If you have any pictures or stories that might help inspire others, please email  volunteers@stirling.gov.uk

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