Stirling's City Region Deal

An ambitious programme to position Stirling as an economic and cultural powerhouse

Stirling’s City Region deal has been developed in collaboration with our citizens, communities and partners from the public, private and third sectors.

It is founded on an ambition for Stirling’s people and potential, to recognise the city as an economic and cultural powerhouse by building on its assets to create a beautiful city which generates wealth and increases opportunities for all.

While Stirling compares well with other cities nationally, our aspiration is to benchmark against the best cities internationally, by attracting and retaining talent and nurturing business growth.

The Bid will build on Stirling Council’s existing key projects and initiatives designed to drive economic improvements. These include significant investment in housing and transport, the development of a new Stirling Sports Village, a new multi-partnership cultural strategy for the area and a renewed rural economic strategy.

Through engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders, a variety of projects have been identified, including:

  • The Harbour
    This will extend and unify Stirling’s city centre and the River to create a new and exciting area of this city. This will include a National Tartan Centre, a centre for third sector innovation, community access to co-located public sector organisations through a shared Civic Space, external performance and events space through a bespoke City Harbour Square and the Engine Shed – a unique centre for conservation skills and heritage excellence.
  • Digital District
    This will be the catalyst which places Stirling at the forefront of digital innovation and enterprise nationally and internationally. A Digital Hub will be located in the existing Municipal Buildings to provide a dynamic, inspiring and collaborative space where businesses and students come together to create and innovate. A Digital Campus in the Albert Halls to become a leading centre in the UK for conferences, seminars and programmes around digital technology and innovation.
  • Grow-on Space
    This will address the shortage of space in the city for incubating and developing the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) sector by providing a bespoke space for established businesses to develop.
  • City Park
    This will create a must-see destination to attract, retain and direct residents and visitors to and throughout the city, connecting with the Back Walk and City Centre. This will be amongst the most distinctive parks in Scotland with a significant setting below Stirling Castle.
  • The River
    This project seeks to bring the River Forth back into play as a major driver of Stirling’s economic, cultural and social prosperity. The key elements involved in this project include the development of a river taxi network, expansion and enhancement of pedestrian and cycle paths, development of the peninsulas and associated riverbanks and the incorporation of a barrage to allow water levels and water quality to be controlled.
  • Mercat Cross
    The regeneration of Mercat Cross, at the ‘top of the town’, is about focused activity to revitalise this geographically and strategically important area of the city, through initiatives like a City Market, increased permanent and temporary commercial space and a Cultural Quarter.

Through each of these projects Stirling aims to attract further inward investment, support business growth in key sectors and attract new sectors. Investment will stimulate employment and training opportunities and create a better quality of life for those employed, living, studying or visiting in the area.

For more information on Stirling's City Deal, contact info@investinstirling.com .

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