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The beginning of 2018 was a delight for CodeBase Stirling as it welcomed BAFTA winning creative company ‘Once Were Farmers’. Having merged with ‘Red Kite Animation’ to form ‘Wild Child Animation’, they now stand as one of Stirling’s most exciting, fastest growing creative companies. Working with well-known companies such as CBeebies, BBC and NOW TV, they’re on the road to success.


‘Once Were Farmers’ was founded in 2002 by Will Adams and Rory Lowe (now creative directors of Wild Child Animation) after working together at the Sunday Herald Newspaper. Having relocated from Glasgow, ‘OWF’ settled in CodeBase Stirling shortly after the tech hub opened its doors in 2017. Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, they merged with Sueann Rochester, Ron Henry, Michael McKiernan and Ken Anderson from ‘Red Kite Animation’ to form ‘Wild Child Animation’ with the main focus on high end children’s animated TV.

‘Once Were Farmers’ won the Scottish BAFTA for animation in 2018 for their short film 'Widdershins'. They were also nominated that year for their work on the BBC's Scottish Cup 'Silverman' promos, and have previously been nominated for their Bitesize Scottish Literature series and for a Children's BAFTA for their Bitesize Shakespeare series.


Wild Child’s Success

Very soon after launching, Wild Child went into production on ‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates’ for Sky Kids. 18 months have now gone by and they are busy working on series two after series one was nominated for a TBI (Television Broadcast International) Content Innovation Award. They are about to deliver another series of ‘Hushabye Lullabye’ for CBeebies and have a major animated series based on a much loved classic about to go into production; which they are very excited about.


"It's been inspiring to follow their journey. From the early days of ‘Once Were Farmers’ with only three staff and a small office, to their merger with ‘Red Kite Animation’, continually scaling up to larger offices and growing to be our second largest tenant company has been a huge success story. I can't wait to see where they go from here." - Barry McDonald, Head of CodeBase Stirling.

Current Work

Wild Child are now expanding their team which will take them to a whole new level. They’ve recently moved into a much bigger studio in preparation for a major project beginning imminently (updates to come in future). From the original three who moved into CodeBase in 2018, to eight in February 2020, there are now over 75 staff, including freelancers, and undoubtedly the team will continue to grow.


“When we merged with ‘Red Kite Animation’ to form Wild Child we had to choose between their offices in Edinburgh and ‘OWF's’ base at CodeBase - CodeBase won hands down. We all love the atmosphere here and the support we've had during covid has been an added bonus.” - Will Adams, Wild Child Animation.

Creative companies like Wild Child are helping cement Stirling’s reputation as a hub of creativity, technology and entrepreneurship. With support from Stirling Council, CodeBase is perfectly placed to help companies from across the technology spectrum, providing flexible office space, mentorship, networking and peer support.


As Stirling’s tech and creative community grows, so too does its rich culture and network of talented individuals. If you’d like to be a part of this exciting journey, then get in touch with CodeBase Stirling - [email protected] and let us help you.


With special thanks to Stirling Council for their continued support to CodeBase Stirling and all its tenants.


Wild Child are also constantly on the lookout for talented, creative people to join their team. You can keep up to date with projects and job offers on their website here: https://wildchildanimation.com/ 


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